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Five Small Business Marketing Trends to Incorporate in 2023

Our thoughts begin to slip away from work, business strategies, and financial growth during the holiday season as we focus on our families, Christmas shopping, and holiday gatherings. But the end of the year is also a time to begin setting goals and resolutions for your small business. While working on your 2023 business plan, consider these emerging marketing trends, which could help you remain ahead of the curve.

1. Emphasis on Personal Branding

Do all of your social channels, website, business card, and marketing strategies align with your business model? Does what you want to stand for, be known for, and represent come through clearly and loudly to any potential viewers, followers, or subscribers? If the answer is no, it may be time to rebrand or establish your brand more strategically across all channels and platforms.

2. Community – People First, Always

Consumers and potential clients like to understand what the companies they support stand for. Consumers are more likely to spend their dispensable income investing in brands and companies that focus on their employees’ well-being and who give back to their community. Nobody likes a braggart, but promoting the message that your small business places people’s happiness over the distribution of a product is always a safe move.

3. Data-Driven Campaigns

Your marketing strategies should never revolve around your comfort zone. Diving into the data, we found that the best content of 2022 was in the form of social media ads. Based on early data emerging from end-of-the-year research, we may see this trend continue with a minor shift toward reels, vlogs, and video content in 2023. So be sure that you invest your time, energy, and marketing dollars according to the data.

4. User-Created Content

When followers, subscribers, or other interested parties tag your business on social media, make a point to comment on their post, then share it on your channels. This boosts algorithms and helps your content attain more views from a wider audience. Plus, 79% of consumers in a recent poll, stated that user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions. So share away!

5. Relatability & Vulnerability

Related to branding and community engagement, consumers are nosy by nature and like to know the face or faces behind the brand. Open up and be vulnerable; it makes you more relatable. Some simple ways to incorporate this strategy are through social media posts, an About Us page on your website, or including a selfie, insider’s reel, or video post through your Instagram or Facebook stories.

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