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Five Reasons Digital Marketing is Important in the 21st Century

Digital marketing is any marketing or advertising tactic carried out via computer, tablet, or phone. This might include social media posts, a small-business website, pay-per-click campaigns, email marketing, or online videos – but it nearly always consists of a web-based service or application.  


Traditional marketing efforts included advertising through magazine ads, billboards, television commercials, and snail mail. But with the ever-changing landscape of entertainment, combined with the fact that nearly 90% of individuals spend a portion of their day online, shifting to digital is imperative to the success of your business. 


Read on to learn the five reasons your small business needs digital marketing in the 21st century. 


Reason # 1 – Exposure


Gaining new clients and customers is a numbers game. Marketing of the past included handing out business cards and beverage koozies to potential clients and waiting for them to call you. 


But digital marketing allows you to reach a large audience from the comfort of your desk chair. Your website is your virtual business card, and sharing it with your online network allows you to gain more exposure faster and with less effort than traditional marketing techniques. 


Reason # 2 – Options


Traditional marketing includes solutions such as billboard advertising, newspaper and magazine ads, commercials, flyers, and business cards. These options are limited in scope and not easily accessible to all business owners. 


Digital marketing includes a wide array of options, including solutions for every business type and budget – which brings us to our next item, cost. 


Reason # 3 – Cost


Digital marketing is considerably more affordable than traditional marketing. For example, an average 10-second commercial on a major network can cost $15,000. At the same time, a custom website can typically be built and maintained for around $2000 – $4000.


Marketing options like professionally created social media posts will cost $100-$200 per post. In contrast, printed flyers and brochures will cost you an hourly design fee (usually around $50/hour) plus the cost of professional printing (an average cost of $1/copy).


Reason # 4 – Accessibility 


Speaking of printed brochures and flyers – when you choose this traditional advertising method, you limit your audience to those who will be able to access your pamphlet or brochure at a physical location. 


Digital advertisements are accessible to anyone who has access to your networks and can be shared at the click of a button. In unprecedented times like the COVID-19 lockdown, digital advertising kept small businesses thriving while traditional methods failed to meet the mark. 


Reason # 5 – Ease of Use


The world-wide-web was an intimidating and hard-to-navigate place 15 years ago. But as technology and software have progressed, navigating only became simpler and everyone quickly became accustomed to finding what they were looking for online. 


89% of American adults spend at least a portion of their day online! So whether you choose email marketing, or social media marketing, or would like to build a website, with the right help, you will be easy to find online.


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